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It will be challenging for Singaporeans to maintain the house when they are working. As we know, balancing work life with family responsibilities is quite tough. But a well-trained maid will do this for you. Hiring a maid is such a crucial task to perform. You have to find the Best Maid Agency in Singapore that aid you in finding the perfect maid.

Many people want to hire a maid to maintain the house properly. But they don’t understand where to start, who to contact, and what kind of helper to choose. This is where an experienced agency comes in handy. Maid Singapore is the one that will help you to find the best maid that fits your family.

Finding a suitable helper is not enough. Besides, there are several responsibilities you need to fulfil. You will find a lot of paperwork and legislation that complement the hiring process. Every helper has different capabilities and nationalities, so the rules and regulations are also different.

That’s why many people are hiring maid agencies in Singapore.

But Singapore has an endless number of maid agencies, so it’s pretty challenging to find one. The right agency will assist you in choosing the suitable maid with the available choices for you. Besides, you can better understand the guidelines established by the Ministry of Manpower (M.O.M.). So, it’s crucial to find the Best Maid Agency in Singapore!

We have curated the significant factors while choosing the maid agency. Let’s have a look!

Essential Factors You Need to Count On

We know that giving your house key to someone is not easy. At the time of selection, you have to make sure the maid is highly reliable and trustworthy. So, it’s become crucial to hire the best maid agency that provides effective solutions and advice to select the finest maid. But there are some essential things you need to consider at the time of hiring!

  • Experience

An agency with an active license for more than 5 years is the best one to consider. You don’t need to worry about when an experience one is beside you. Maid Agency Singapore is an experienced maid agency that locates the perfect maid per your requirements and needs.

  • Higher Placement Volume

Placement volume means the number of work passes of foreign workers (F.W.) approved for 1 year. If the placement volume is higher, more employers find suitable helpers. So, always look for an agency with a large number of placement volumes. It means the agency is doing really well.

  • Transfer Rate

The transfer rate means the Foreign Domestic Worker (F.D.W.) percentage placed by an agency that transferred 3 or more employers within one year. So, finding an agency with a low transfer rate would be best.

This means the company has higher quality maids or can provide better maids to the employers per their requirements.

  • Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are the first things that people check before hiring. Reviews help employers to know about the company’s services and maids. You can easily visit the website and look for ratings and feedback.

3 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in Hiring

Hiring a maid simply means making your life easier. Just like, hiring a Maid Agency in Singapore will make the whole process easy for you. The agency offers training and recruitment, so you are able to find a highly reliable and qualified helper for your home.

So, it’s better to choose a leading and experienced company to select a suitable helper for your home. But there are some common mistakes that you should avoid at the time of hiring a maid agency. We have curated some. Let’s take a look!

  • Don’t become too tempted to choose the cheapest maid agency.
  • Not to engage with a company which is not approved by the Ministry of Manpower (M.O.M.).
  • Try not to avoid checking the agency’s online presence.

These three common mistakes will help you to find a perfect Transfer Maid Agency Singapore for your home cleaning needs.

If you are looking for one, Maid Agency is the one to choose. We are the Best Maid Agency Singapore that provides the best maids for your home cleaning needs at affordable prices. You will find a wide range of maids as per your needs, like transfer maids, Indian maids, Srilanka maids, Indonesian maids, or Part-time maids.

Want to engage with Transfer Maid Agency in Singapore? You can get in touch with Maid Singapore team!

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