Part Time Maid

Part Time Maid

Part Time Maid in Singapore

Part Time Maid in Singapore

Need help with cleaning? Hire our professional and experienced part-time maids for your cleaning needs in Singapore. Maid Singapore has a team of highly skilled and professional cleaners that offer excellent services to clients. We provide a one-stop platform to hire the best Part Time Maid Singapore for home cleaning services, babysitting, elderly care, and cooking.

Services Included with Part Time Maid Singapore

Here at Maid Singapore, we offer an extensive range of home cleaning services that cover most areas of your house. Our part-time maids offer extras which you can select to engage in. Let’s take a look!

Living and Dining Areas

  1. Mopping and vacuuming the floor
  2. Wiping down the tabletops and benches
  3. Organizing visible items on tabletops
  4. Removing and replacing the bin

Bedroom Areas

  1. Mopped and vacuumed the floors
  2. Clean all the mirrors and light fixtures
  3. Folding and storing clean laundry
  4. Sanitizing high-contact areas and remotes

Bathroom Areas

  1. Disinfecting and cleaning the sink, shower, and toilet
  2. Accessible surfaces cleaning and wiping down
  3. Cleaning of all the glasses and mirrors
  4. Mopping all the surfaces and removing the hair from

Cooking Areas

  1. Washing and storing the dishes and cutlery
  2. Tabletops and seats wiping and dusting
  3. Cleaning of hard floors with vacuum and mop
  4. Wiping sinks and emptying garbage from them


Consider adding one or more cleaning service extras for deeper cleaning. Most cleaning extras increase your booking time and cost by half hour.

  1. Inside the cabinet
  2. Inside the fridge
  3. Inside the oven
  4. Wash and dry the laundry
  5. Interior windows

How It Works?

  • Book a Cleaning Session

You can book a cleaning session that best suits your schedule by contacting Maid Singapore via email, phone, or chat.

  • Cleaners will Come

After booking a session, our professional Part-Time Maid Singapore will arrive at your doorstep at the appointed time.

  • Fresh and Clean Home

Once your cleaning session is over, you can unwind, enjoy your pristine house or office, and sit back.

Why Choose us?

  • Experienced and Trained Employees

Maid Singapore offers friendly, well-trained, background-checked, bonded, and insured cleaners.

  • Consistent and Reliable Service

There is no requirement for monthly sign-ups. Our competent cleaners are ready to assist you whenever and wherever you require us!

  • Decades of Experience

Our mostly cleaners have years of experience in the industry of cleaning and have worked in a variety of cleaning environments, including apartments and offices.

  • Customizable Scheduling

We are proud to provide our clients with a flexible schedule for cleaning services at the time of day they require because we understand that life can get busy anytime.

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