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Indonesian Maid Agency

Indonesian Maid in Singapore

Indonesian Maid in Singapore

If you are seeking an Indonesian Maid Agency Singapore, then Maid Singapore should be your first choice. We promise to deliver high-quality services to you. At our agency in Singapore, we employ a lot of Indonesian helpers. They are all around Indonesia, including Medan, Padang, Semarang, Surabaya, and many more places.

We are the Top Indonesian Maid Agency and offer Indonesian maids that are skilled and trained in caring for kids as young. They can cook and are familiar with the fundamentals of regular housekeeping. Indonesian maids are ideal for households with working parents since they can handle home duties.

Why Singaporeans Hire Indonesian Maids?

Indonesian maids are the most popular choice for hiring among people. As we know, many old Singaporeans are able to speak only a basic form of Malay. Additionally, the Malay population who are in Singapore will prefer to hire a domestic helper who shares their religious beliefs.

Besides, Indonesian Maids are more eager to care for the young, old, and infants. Indonesian food is well-liked and similar in terms of flavour and cooking skills among Singaporeans. Consider the nasi goreng, curry, and rendang chicken, as well as the seasonings. But Indonesian Maid in Singapore may relate to and are familiar with these delicacies.

How to Hire Indonesian Maids in Singapore?

Finding an Indonesian helper in Singapore can be difficult, but don’t worry Maid Singapore is here to assist you. We handle every necessary step in the hiring process, including pre-employment training, maid insurance, and employee documentation. Every helper in our wide range of employment networks has undergone a suitability assessment by qualified recruitment specialists.

Maid Singapore are the leading Indonesian Maid Agency Singapore that offers step by step process to hire a highly trained and skilled maid for your home!

Search for Maid Candidates

We offer the best services to enable connections between employers and Indonesian maids. Before screening and choosing an Indonesian maid, we determine the employer requirements with their given biodata. After that, we create precise conditions with our team to speed up the screening process and find the perfect maid!

Set the Interviews with Maids

We are aware that it’s quite challenging for employers to interview each candidate personally. But we help our clients assess all the candidates by reviewing all the job tasks and identifying qualified applicants.

Assess the Maids

Our team takes care of all the requirements following the interviews and selections of the Indonesian maids. We also handle all the documentation, including declaration forms, bonds, airline tickets, insurance, etc., after a formal decision has been made by the employer.

Choose Your Maid

Our team will get in touch with you by phone and message once all the formalities have been completed successfully. Then, you can come and complete the remaining paperwork while bringing your maid with you!

Hire the Best Indonesian Maid Agency Singapore

Find a trustworthy and reputable company to hire an Indonesian maid in Singapore for your home cleaning requirements. Get in touch with Maid Singapore that will help you to locate the perfect maid for your home at the most affordable price. To find the maid as soon as possible, contact our team!

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