Transfer Maid Agency

Transfer Maid Agency

Transfer Maids Agency in Singapore

Transfer Maids Agency in Singapore

It can be tough for those who work for long hours to take care of family and home. Many things never seem complete, but hiring Transfer Maids Singapore from the best agency could be a smart solution.

But what are transfer maids? Basically, transfer maids are known as domestic helpers who are already employed in Singapore. They are looking for a new employer to transfer over for some reasons. The reason could be anything like their employers relocating, or they won’t require their services to the designated families not being the perfect fit for the maid. But then these transfer maids can transfer to another employer for work with the former employer’s written consent.

Services We Offer for Transfer Maids

So, if you are looking for a Transfer Maid in Singapore, you have come to the right place! At Maid Singapore, we strive to provide the best service possible and help you get a new helper as quickly as possible. We offer an extensive range of transfer aid services!

  • Transfer Agreement

We work with former employers to acquire the transfer agreements and other paperwork that MOM requires signed.

  • Current Maid Replacement

We can redeploy your current maid for you if you want to keep her working in Singapore.

  • Retraining of Maid

We retrain the maid with the necessary skills before redeploying her to make sure she is completely prepared.

How to Hire a Maid from Transfer Maid Agency in Singapore?

Here, we have come up with a step-by-step process for hiring Transfer Maids Singapore!

  • Screening of Maid Candidates

Maid Singapore ensures an employer and a maid find each other with our open and transparent services. We specify the requirements of employers and develop the exact parameters with the aid of our registry to speed up the screening process and locate qualified individuals.

  • Schedule Interview with Maids

It’s crucial to interview every potential maid thoroughly. Thus, we assist in the thorough assessment of ideal maids and examine all the aspects of the job or only interview those who have been shortlisted.

  • Transfer Maid Evaluation

Our recruitment department looks over all the application requirements after the transfer maid has been screened and interviewed. After a successful application, we take care of all the work, including the declaration form, temporary work permit, transfer date, and so on.

  • Pick up Your Maid

After everything is done successfully, we will inform you via call. Then you need to come and perform the rest of the formalities and collect your maid.

Find a Transfer Maid Singapore Now!

Once you have decided what kind of maid you are looking for, you can find the best Transfer Maid Agency Singapore. Here at Maid Singapore, we can match a maid that perfectly suits your needs!

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