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People in Singapore are becoming busier day by day. It makes it challenging to maintain household chores, care for the elderly or children, etc. For well-cared homes, while you are at work, only Maid Singapore will come in handy!

Finding a competent and reliable maid is not an easy task. But you can take advantage of hiring a maid agency in Singapore. The agency will ensure you find trustworthy maids who match your needs. Many agencies will perform a meticulous recruitment process to employ the best maid for you. The chances are high that employers will get the perfect maid who handles all your home tasks perfectly.

Why are Indonesian Maids so Popular?

Due to some factors, Indonesian Maids in Singapore are pretty popular compared to other maids. The main reason for hiring an Indonesian maid is the Malay population. Many old Singaporean speak the primary form of the Malay language. There is a considerable amount of Malay people living in Singapore. They prefer to hire a maid who is similar to their religious faith.

Besides, Indonesian helpers love to provide care to adults and children. The helper is well-trained and experienced in cooking Malay food. The food culture is quite popular and similar to Singaporean.

But when it comes to hiring an Indonesian maid, then we are not sure about the cost!

In this blog, we have curated some points you need to know before hiring a Maid in Singapore.

Points to Consider About Indonesian Maid Singapore Cost 

  • Monthly Salary Range

Monthly salary means the expenses you must pay out every month to your helper. The salary range of an Indonesian helper is about S$400 to S$600 per month. This amount can be changed depending on the nationality of the maid and agency you choose to hire her.

The amount mentioned above is the minimum. If you wish to employ an experienced maid, you need to increase your budget slightly.

The salary is not included with other expenses such as the cost of food, transportation fee, accommodation, miscellaneous expenses, and utilities.

  • Living Expenses

When you provide a living space for your helper, you need to consider living expenses. Add some key factors when calculating the living expenses, such as food, accommodation, and miscellaneous expenses.

The average food cost for a helper in Singapore is about S$200. This amount is not fixed and can vary on your maid’s preferences and food restrictions. The amount can also depend on the behaviour of family spending.

  • Maid Placement Fee

When we hire an Indonesian Maid Agency Singapore hire an Indonesian maid, then you have to pay a placement fee. The placement fee covers the cost of administrative like finding a job, training, and medical check-up.

The charges depend upon the agencies. So, it would be best to know the placement fee before hiring.

  • One-Time Cost

Besides a monthly salary, you need to pay a one-time cost when hiring a maid. One-time cost means the amount which is for insurance, medical examination fees, employment agency charges, and application fees.

When you are hiring for the first time with no idea of having an individual in your mind, then engaging with the Maid Singapore agency is the best option. The right agency ensures you will find a suitable match for your needs.


Once you have decided to hire an Indonesian maid, consider the above mentioned points. When you are in search of professional recruiters, connect with Maid Singapore. This will surely help you save time, effort, and cost.

We ensure that you get the ideal maid for your home! We are a well-recognized Indonesian Maid Agency Singapore that assists several employers in finding the best helper. Our experts understand every home has different home cleaning needs, so we find the perfect one as per your needs.

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